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Books Usborne - Pop Up

  • 1795

Peep inside the jungle

Down in the jungle there’s a chatter and a squawk. Is it the mummy tiger with her cubs? A bright-eyed tree frog? A bird of paradise or a honey bear having a midnight snack? Children can peep under the leaves and between the trees in this delightful book to spot the creatures in the jungle and see who’s making all that noise.

Pop-up jungle

  • Turn the pages of this delightful pop-up book to see Monkey swing, Snake slither, Parrot fly and Tiger pounce.
  • Each page has a colourful jungle scene that pops up for little children to explore, and a different jungle animal to meet.
  • A pleasure to share with little children who will love the surprises when they turn the pages, and making the animal noises in the simple text.

Pop-up dinosaurs

Beware! Open this book and all kinds of dinosaurs will pop out – huge ones, tiny ones, hungry ones, and a very, very noisy one. The 3D scenes show long-necked brachiosaurs munching leaves, nodding triceratops with sharp horns, and a scary T. rex with a very big ROAR. With simple text, this is a delightful book to share with little children.

Pop-up haunted house

  • Every page is packed with surprises, including dramatic full-page pop-ups and pages packed with flaps and tabs that reveal mummies, ghosts, skeletons and monsters.
  • Pull tabs and lift the flaps in the haunted graveyard and ghostly library, to reveal secret passageways, grisly inhabitants and spooky surprises!
  • A chillingly exciting book that’s perfect for Halloween.

Step inside a world of spine-tingling fun with this 3D pop-up book – there’s a spooky surprise waiting around every corner...

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