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Posh Princess - Books

Posh Princess - Books

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Calling all Princesses!

Come along as Posh Princess and friends take you on a fun and exciting adventure at Giantview Campsite! Will they help Butterfly Princess Lissi conquer her fear of what she calls “creepy crawlies”? And will they solve the mystery of Giantview Campsite? All this and more in The Adventures of Posh Princess at the Mysterious Campsite.

Message from the author

Hello little princess! This book was written and created just for you, from my heart to yours. I hope that it helps you and encourages you to face and conquer your fears, because you are awesome and there is nothing that you cannot do. Always believe in yourself! I also hope that this book teaches you to be kind and help others because kindness is everything and it makes this world a more beautiful place.

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